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This is scary

After years of (embarrassingly) putting my head largely in the sand about green issues, because they’re so overwhelming and depressing, over the past few months I’ve finally started looking and learning… quite timidly I admit, but seriously.

My daughter cajoled me into watching Leonardo Dicaprio’s Before the Flood. It’s a fantastic documentary. Although I had to look away at points (it was too upsetting), I did actually watch it all the way through to the end. It was depressing and terrifying but there’s also hope. It galvanised me into action…

So that means, I want to do this…. or at least I think I do right now. The truth is that although I fancy myself as a bit of an adventurer, when it comes to being public, I’m a wimp. So in 2017 my adventure is to do a blog and actual post it (I’ve started blog before and never posted…).

There’s a lot to learn… how to make better consumer choices for one, what do labels mean, is all cotton ok, how to make sense of government policies, how to figure out what to eat (!)…. I’m hoping that by blogging about my learnings, it’ll help me stay focused on making changes. And if it encourages anyone else to do the same, that’s great too.

It’s an utterly overwhelming topic… environment, climate change, business sustainability (what businesses like ours can actually do to help the cause), conservation, and I have particular interests in the marine world, and shark protection (project aware), government policies… goodness, there’s a lot to learn.

Thanks for reading… I’ll be back with weekly reflections and actions.

In the meantime if you haven’t already seen this, I strongly encourage you to do so… it’s a rational, balanced, engaging and professional presentation.

​Jo 🙂 x