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Kick start your next step with a 60 minute consultation.
Contact Jo for appointment options, Mondays-Fridays 9am-4pm.

Or choose from the service menu below, or contact Jo for a programme customised for you.



A pure coaching session. This next point might be a little irritating, but it’s true – you’re the only one who can make decisions. Someone telling you what you should do with your life probably won’t work. Doing a handful of online tests, with you on your own thinking it through, probably won’t work either.  What usually does work is someone asking you good questions and then actually listening… that’s what promotes insight. And that’s what we all need sometimes.

Jump straight into talking about your career or life situation/dilemma. Clarify the issues and find potential solutions. Use me as a sounding board and for new perspectives. ​Clarify, resolve and get into action.

 PLANNING (2-3 x 2hr sessions plus prep)

This is a popular choice. This might be the first or only time in your life you’ve invested in clarifying your direction. We start with your dilemma, and spend some time on foundation work – the self awareness bits. Includes assessments, pre session prep and email support.

It includes everything the shorter session does, but you get more time to reflect, and figure out ideas. Plus, in fact possibly critically, you get to come back. Which means I hold you accountable for doing some ‘homework’. And I’ll support you through the process. Quite often this can be the difference in making positive change and not.

COMPLETE PACKAGE (12 Sessions over 3-6 months)

Ideal for clients who know there’s more to their dilemmas than can be successfully dealt with in only a few hours. Be honest… is that true for you?

People are complex. Different areas of your life could affect your success. It’s a bit like a three legged stool. We need all the legs to be solid.

Many clients come to me with long embedded habits, including self criticism and sabotage. Without focus, insight and action, nothing will change. The full coaching programme gives you the opportunity to do this – to take stock of your life and to clarify what you really want and then actually start making some steps to change your life for good.


The menu above is only a sample. Contact me if you’d like to work out something customised for your needs. For example, for some clients I book in a 3 hour “deep dive” session, where we start with issues or problems you’re facing right now. Whether that be figuring out what you want to do, your next step strategies, job search support, or dealing with challenging situations, and it can include pre session prep and email support to get things moving along super quickly. This works especially well for people who want a ‘one off’ but one hour isn’t enough. 

Email coaching is another option. Actually works well. Contact me to discuss.


Please contact me to discuss your needs and we’ll customise to suit.


​Generally I have a 2-3 week wait time for appointments, but sometimes I have slots available in the following week too. So – just send me a message and we’ll see what we can do.  Appointments are available between 9am-4pm week days.  I work with people either face to face at my home based office in Cambridge, or via skype or phone.


Payment can be made via internet banking (if you’ve got a NZ bank account) or via Paypal. Please don’t hesitate to talk with me if you want to organise anything differently, to spread payments, or to arrange terms.