Mentoring and Supervision

I mentor career practitioners, and coaches. (Note that in career practice we usually use the term ‘supervision’ rather than ‘mentoring’)

Benefits of mentoring/supervision:

Every situation is different, and it makes a difference whether you are a ‘coach’ or ‘career/vocational practitioner’ but some typical goals include:

  • Planning a pathway for professional credentials and memberships (with CDANZ or ICF)
  • Creating a professional development plan
  • Developing professional toolkit
  • Building confidence
  • Discussing client issues and situations
  • Discussing other relevant workplace issues
  • For personal goals – e.g. worklife balance, taking a holistic look at your own life, developing your own career plan

I suspect that nearly every coach questions and criticises their own coaching at times. So if you do, know you are in excellent company! I do too! It’s really helpful to have someone with whom we can confide thoughts, feelings, client issues, experiences. Plus who can help you to grow as a coach, develop and strengthen your skills and competencies.

I used mentors for several years – to help me grow, to help me figure out client situations, and to help me successfully pass my ICF credentialing. It made a huge difference for me and I continue to use peer coaching and mentoring for my coaching development.

Now I’m fortunate to be a mentor and supervisor. I have mentored several developing and established coaches. Some being career practitioners and have been aiming to apply for membership with CDANZ as well as building their own career toolkit.

Several have gone on to pass their ACC credential with ICF. Others are using mentoring to support their growth and development as a coach – and to look after their personal wellbeing and balance in this profession.



Jo was a trainer for my ICT coaching course in 2011, and my coach mentor for my ACC certification in 2013. She has an incredibly flexible and powerful approach to coaching that takes the appearance of a light and humorous conversation yet always seems to delivery great clarity and results. I would not hesitate to work with her again or to recommend her. Owen Woollaston. Project Manager at Endace. April 4, 2013.

Joanne is wonderful to work with. She is warm and has a strong empathy and ability to build effective relationships. She works in a collaborative way to clarify issues and identify a way forward. Annemarie Mead. Career Counsellor at Career Clarity. March 3, 2013.

Jo was my Coach mentor and supported me in my ICF application for ACC. She is extremely supportive, generous with her time and resources and consistently encouraged me through this journey. I have also experienced Jo’s coaching which facilitated my thinking, giving me clarity and direction, empowering me into action to achieve excellent results. I have no hesitation in recommendation Jo as a Coach, Mentor or Trainer – she’s delightful, professional and a gracious lady! Lea Bartram. Growing Individuals to Grow Great Businesses. March 3, 2013.

I have had the honour of being both trained and mentored by Joanne. Within her training role Jo displays immense content knowledge which she masterfully balanced with pacing learning to meet the participant’s needs. She is a calm and confident presence which is a wonderful support in the learning environment. As a mentor she is warm and kind and extremely thorough and responsive. I not only learned at a faster rate than I expected and the new knowledge has stayed with me which makes me more confident in my role, a great accomplishment and one which I happily credit to Joanne. Thanks Jo, you’re a marvel and a wonderful coaching role model! Annalise Roache (ACC, AAC) Coach | Mentor | Facilitator @ The Coaching Toolbox. March 5, 2013.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jo on a professional level for around 4 years. I have interacted with Jo as a coach, mentor, assessor and trainer and it is always an absolute pleasure to connect with her. As a coach she is highly skilled and experienced and what particularly stands out in her style is her strong presence and connection to her intuition. As a mentor and trainer she is patient, encouraging and has a genuine desire to enable others to be the best they can be. Lettie Dalton. Professional Coach. March 18, 2013.

Careers with Jo for career coaching, career development, career planning, outplacement, job search and job interview and cv strategies, career recovery, life coaching, mentoring, career conversation workshops, career development workshops, master career coach workshops, executive coaching and more. Jo has been working in the careers and coaching fields since 2002 and is an internationally recognised Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with ICF, and a Professional Member of the Career Development Association NZ. 

Joanne Ostler, based in Cambridge (15 mins from Hamilton), Waikato, New Zealand.