How much influence do I have, really?

I’ve never felt like a person of influence in the wider world. I know I have an impact on people directly in my orbit, but that’s a fairly small sphere.

So I’m testing out my influence in a wider space. Following on from my personal decision to start on my own personal and business sustainability path, after watching @BeforeTheFlood, and learning more about specific areas of interest #marinedebris, #projectaware, I decided to try to identify and reach out to relevant and leading politicians, policy makers and influencers. I went online and found emails for NZ’s political spokespeople or leaders around climate change, environment, marine management, and my local MP too.

Then I composed a fairly brief email ‘climate change is my new No.1 voting criteria in 2017’ and sent it out to all of them (on 16th Jan), explaining my rationale, position and my motivation, and requesting information about their party policies, actions, evidence etc. I asked for information. I’m listening. I really want to know how the parties stand on these issues.

That was 2 weeks ago. Here’s the results so far. Plus a score out of 10 for each, based on my own totally subjective scoring system:

  • Greens: very responsive and informative, and friendly. Geraldine Molloy (and Metiria Turei); thank you for your friendly, helpful, informative emails… several of them. Plus new contacts and lots of links and related resources. Score to date: 8/10 @NZGreenParty
  • National: recieved acknowledgements from the offices of Bill English, Paula Bennett, Nick Smith; and a message to say my email had been forwarded to Nathan Guy, as Minister of Primary Industries is responsible for marine management and the Shark National Plan of Action (I am interested in the Shark NPOA). Seems an odd link to MPI… have not heard from Nathan Guy. Have had no message at all my local MP (Louise Upston). Score to date: 2/10 @NZNationalParty
  • Labour: received acknowledgement from Andrew Little’s office and a message to say my email had been forwarded to Labour’s Climate Change Issues spokesperson, Megan Woods MP (whom I’ve not received anything from). Score to date: 1.5/10 Have to score them slightly below National simply as a result of lack of communication, but both are similar so far. @NZLabourParty

I’ve never voted Green before, but I’m seriously considering doing so this year; especially in light of recent communications or lack of from others.

I’m really interested to see what other responses, if any, I’ll receive. In the meantime, I’ll continue doing my thing, learning and making changes personally and in business.

I’m still wondering how much influence I have. One person at a time is fine, and that person might just be me only, and maybe you. Thanks so much for reading. More next week (ish).

Best wishes,