Update: How much influence do I have, really?

  • See below: NZ’s 2017 Climate Change Performance ranking is out; beware – it’s not pretty but it is interesting.

In the past three weeks I’ve only had one communication from the Labour Party, Dr Megan Woods (thanks Megan, appreciate your efforts). So Labour’s rank goes up (see below).

But I’m not convinced. Climate change action takes vision, brains and guts. It’s an unpopular platform. There is no good/bad, fighting the bad guy story (like terrorists and gangs and bad parents). We are the bad guys.

Labour’s response, while wildy better than National’s largely non-response, made me worry about the extent of watering down the policies. Their policy document is dated 2014, and the discussion document, 2015. Seems quite a long time ago.  I get it’s a political world and we’re all part of a very large complex system, but as Trump has shown, people respond to simple messages that connect with emotion. We make decisions based on emotion. Me too. As much as we don’t like to think that’s true, it is. (Read more here about neuroscience of decision making).

New Zealand’s track record on climate change is poor.

We rank 46 out of 61 nations in the Climate Change Performance Index 2107. Read more here, and here. And we got a downward arrow meaning we our ranking got worse compared to 2016.

In my head I keep repeating that ranking: Performance ranked ‘poor’; 46th out of 61. That means 75% of other countries do BETTER than New Zealand. And we’re getting worse. Which also means that either other countries are making more changes faster, or we’re actually getting worse.

What are we, and our political parties, doing about that? There’s a huge opportunity here to be a voice for change and to influence others. I’m starting the journey myself, in my own sphere of influence, personally and in business at Onyx Cambridge. Read more here about our actions: Onyx’s sustainability goals.

Climate change is a crisis with disasterous impact and we need to make change, urgently. Read more here about the United Nation’s facts about Climate Change.

Back to my current and totally subjective personal rankings of NZ bigger political parties.

  • Green: 6/10 (I’ve downgraded Green because I’m trying to be more objective in terms of understanding policies).
  • Labour: 3/10 (appreciate your communication but I’m concerned about your priorities).
  • National: 1/10 (lack of communication… score has dropped, based on poor and declining performance ranking).

I’ve also reached out to a couple of other minority parties including Gareth Morgan’s new The Opportunities Party, because I see Gareth Morgan has made some statements about deforestation which is heartening… but what’s their plan… will see what happens there.

Best wishes all,
P.S. if you don’t know about this, and you have 30 secs now, please do click here to check out; @projectaware it’s a beautiful and amazing planet we have.