Life is complex. No matter if you’re with a partner, children, single, planning a family, or 45/50 yrs plus wondering what’s ahead.  You might have multiple demands from connections, relationships, family. You know there’s more you want, lost dreams, a fresh chapter but you just can’t figure out how to shift it. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. Or your career may be creating a sense of ‘stuck-ness’, frustration, or overwhelm. Perhaps you find yourself wondering what you are doing with your life, whether your best years are behind you, if you’ve missed your opportunity, and what to do about it to get moving and inspired again.

What’s your Path?

We all have our own stories, and one of the most powerful and exciting opportunities lies in exploring your journey so far, plus creatively putting the spotlight on where and who you are now and what your next chapters might look like.

I get that it can feel really tough and tricky. But you’re not destined to fail. There’s not something wrong with you. This is something that deserves the time and space you can give it. What’s more important than your life?

It might mean big change or it might just mean a different approach. The magic of coaching occurs when you and I work on this together. I am your ‘team’ and together we figure this out.

See the testimonials here from women who have worked through the process and as a result, changed their lives.



Dear Joanne, I felt very happy today with the changes that are happening in my life, and felt that it would be tight fisted of me not to share that happiness with the person who was a key agent in making that happiness a reality: You. I wanted to write a few words to you to say thank you for the changes that you have helped to facilitate in my life. I feel that I have found a friend in you who inspired me to take the plunge and explore new things that have benefited me enormously. I feel that thanks to you, my life is turning around and that I am starting again with a new spirit of adventure. B.S. Hamilton.

My confidence was at an all-time low after taking time out from my career to raise three children.  Joanne helped me see that it was not only possible, but even exciting to walk down a new path.  Having someone to report to gave me the motivation to pull together my confidence and talk to all the right people.  I’ve moved from feeling I had no possibilities, to wondering which great opportunity I should choose!  Thank you so much, Joanne!
KD, Waikato

With a redundancy, a new baby and business as well as a move from the big city back to my hometown, Jo’s gentle guidance and reflective questioning helped me to rethink my values and goals (both personal and professional) at a time of major change in my life.  Jo’s holistic approach got me thinking about my career to date and clarified my plans for the future, taking into account my new, more family-oriented priorities.  From more philosophical musings about life and the universe to practical advice on CVs and job-hunting, I found Jo’s coaching was great for me at a crucial time of change. Thanks Jo! Annie Simon, Media Executive and Company Director

I have really valued my time with Joanne gaining invaluable skills and confidence in submitting my CV and attending job interviews.  I also appreciate how she made me feel positive about other aspects of my life.  I enjoyed her warm and open communication style and found it very easy to be myself.  I would also like to thank Joanne for the guidance that she has given to two of my children in their search of a clear career path.  I would like to acknowledge that they are both succeeding well in their chosen studies.  So thank you very much Joanne for your time and expertise.  Christine.

Careers with Jo for career coaching, career development, career planning, outplacement, job search and job interview and cv strategies, career recovery, life coaching, mentoring, career conversation workshops, career development workshops, master career coach workshops, executive coaching and more. Jo has been working in the careers and coaching fields since 2002 and is an internationally recognised Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with ICF, and a Professional Member of the Career Development Association NZ. 

Joanne Ostler, based in Cambridge (15 mins from Hamilton), Waikato, New Zealand.