I have worked with many men – young and older…. facing all sorts of issues – feeling stuck and frustrated in their jobs, weighed down with financial responsibilities, confused and stressed about their work performance and career prospects, with relationship and family concerns…. and more.

Brain dump
One of the best ways to start is with a really simple brain dump. I know there’s a lot going on in that head of yours – and one of the easiest ways to understand and take the first big leap – is by downloading. Just dumping what’s going on. What are you thinking about your current situation? Most of my clients think they know, but when they do this exercise it often turns out to be a very revealing and enlightening process.

What do you want?
The most simple question – but often really difficult to answer. Perhaps the better question is what struggles and challenges are you willing to sustain? (e.g. financial, learning, risk, hours…)  Life is complex. There are pros and cons. The process of coaching enables you to examine, reflect, and clarify what you want. It also provides new perspectives – so you can clearly see your life, career (or job) and the choices you have.

Getting into action
Nothing changes without action. But action without thought is useless. And action requires commitment. It requires confidence too. Coaching supports you in all these ways. You can get the clarity, confidence and self belief you need to do this successfully.



Hi Joanne, Just a quick note to let you know that the time I have spent with you over the past eight months has been truly inspiring. As I said to you at our first meeting, not only was I completely confused as to why I seemed to be so uninspired with my career and basically ready to “Chuck it in”, I was also struggling to identify what it was that would in fact “Light my fire” and get me back on track.Through your ability to identify specific requirements, adapt your guidance, and keep me on a course of self discovery, you have helped me back to a point where I am creating my own life happiness again.”Life Coaching ” is a perfect term for what you offer people that come to you in their time of need. The way you guide a person to “heal & help” themselves is absolutely invaluable, and certainly infinitely more useful  than just offering solutions to problems. I see what you offer as a long term, deep core self development, rather than a “Put a band aid on it” type of guidance.I came to you to find out which career would suit my personality best. I came away with complete “New Wiring”, an understanding that ” I am in control of my life!!!!!!!
Would you do me a personal favour and post these words on your website, my hope is that my experience will inspire someone else to help themselves immensely, take the steps needed to get in touch with you, and start their journey to success as I did. So……Thank you so much for your patience and caring, I will be forever indebted to you and your methods. Yours Sincerely, Mat
When I first came to see Jo my life was in a bit of a mess.  I’d broken up with my wife and felt like I had lost control of my life and business.  Jo has over the past 12 weeks not only helped get my life back on track and taught me simple techniques to keep it that way.  She is warm, friendly and non judgmental. I will forever be indebted to her for all she has done. Scott Couch, GM Kelly Sports, Chiefs Region

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Joanne Ostler, based in Cambridge (15 mins from Hamilton), Waikato, New Zealand.