This is what some of my lovely clients have to say about me…

Jo is a fantastic career coach!  Prior to seeing her I was very unsure of my career aspirations and future opportunities.  After several sessions I had real clarity as to what was important to me in a role and what future roles I’d target, which is so empowering.  Jo is  a pleasure to work with – she is a real people person – genuine, very approachable and supportive.  I would absolutely recommend Jo. SL

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to realise the dream I am living now. AD

 I liked the way you followed me and rechecked in with me to check where I was at as opposed to following a particular ‘structure’, I was quite random but you followed it through with me and questioned me in such a way to defuse my confusion: in other words more direction :). You helped a great deal in that short time and I will definitely be recommending you and may also come back. Thank you!

I’ve just accepted an offer for exactly the role I was after, and am thrilled to have this opportunity.  Wanted to say a huge thank you, as am 100% sure that without you as my coach I wouldn’t be stepping into this new role. SL

I met with Jo after many months of unsuccessful job searching seeking some practical advice on how to be more effective in my career search. Jo gave me fantastic advice but I got so much more out of our work together.  Jo coached me through the emotional highs and lows of juggling life as a busy executive working mum whilst at the same time searching for new roles in new industries.  She kept me focused on keeping positive and learning from my journey when dealing with rejection.  She helped me keen my eyes on the prize and optimistic that my needs could be met (I had quite specific and high expectations).  Jo helped me to step back and identify my values, strengths and transferable skills and how to present them in a meaningful and effective way to potential employers.  She enabled me to unlock the value of networking and finding companies that fitted with my own values and career aspirations.

Jo really understands the difference between just “applying for jobs” and “executive career management”, she took the time to understand me and my background and skills and gave me the confidence to apply for very senior roles.   After just a few months working with Jo I landed my dream job. Jo was instrumental in giving me the best tools and putting me in the right head space at the right time to make this role my own and I am truly thankful for her support.  I would thoroughly recommend Jo  to anyone seeking effective career (and life!) coaching, especially those seeking senior roles or wanting to change industry. Jackie

Prior to meeting with Jo I was feeling trapped within a role that offered no challenge, career or sense of job satisfaction, the result of accepting the first thing that came along after a period of 9 months unemployment, and was deeply unhappy. After working with Jo I was reminded of the previously ambitious, confident person that I used to be, and re-entered the job market with a new found sense of confidence, enthusiasm and a modern CV. Jo helped me to focus on those aspects of my career that I had loved and excelled at, as well as bring over skills and enthusiasms from my wider life in order to identify roles that I would, first and foremost, enjoy. I am now no longer wasting my efforts applying for any old thing, but now have a plan of attack with my job search and an understanding of what I should be avoiding in order to prevent another similar rut further down the road. Jo’s support has been exemplary throughout this process, and has gone far beyond our initial meeting. I am a very satisfied customer. Neil Gunn.

Thank you Jo for your care and support as a professional to help me when I was struggling and stuck with my work life. It was a time of extreme fear as well as grief surrounding the ending of one career path and starting another as well as struggling with the many interviews I had to encounter and the rejection along the way. You helped me separate who I was from what I do and really focused on my strengths to help me gain back my confidence. You coached me to a final decision that ultimately is my passion and dream – while still not holding the perfect job I have a plan for where I am going and why and steps to get there. I thoroughly enjoyed your holistic personable approach and the tools you provided for me to find my way through this stage of my life. Highly recommend you to anyone who needs guidance, support and insights with their work life journey. Ana

Hi Jo,  I just wanted to send a quick message to say Thank You so much!!  Meeting with you helped bring clarity and confidence with my career path. Thanks for taking the time to ask the relevant questions that really helped me to understand what career path would be a good fit for me.  You have awesome skills in knowing what exercises to get people to do work out what kind of work will float their boat (or make them feel fulfilled). You were very approachable and friendly and this helped me relax and be myself. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wanted to get career advice. Isaac Ludlow

Just thought I would give you an update, I’ve been accepted to University! Went down to Uni to talk to them about it and decided on what I wanted to do. I’m doing BSocSci majoring in Psychology. I’m really excited about it now that I have been accepted, and can’t wait for next year to start. Thanks for all your help and encouragement, it has definitely pointed me in the right direction. Devin

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to spend some time with Jo after becoming unemployed. I’d never thought of using this type of service before but thought I had nothing to lose. My goal was to get her advice on my CV and some career paths I could take. What I got was a massive confidence boost and some bloody great knowledge! Jo was extremely helpful in making suggestions that was spot on for what I enjoy doing. After chatting, she was able to highlight skills that I didn’t think of which would be beneficial for certain roles and a career change.  I got a massive amount more from Jo then I thought possible. CR

When I first contacted Jo I had thought myself into all kinds of knots about “what to do with my life”.  Jo helped me reconnect with myself and rediscover what I really love to do, and together we’ve designed a new career path that feels utterly right–and one that I would not have come to without coaching!  With her characteristic warmth and perceptiveness, Jo skilfully guided me through what seemed like an unresolvable mess to a place of greater clarity and peace. She is a wonderfully talented coach and I highly recommend her to anyone who is tired of feeling all at sea. Do it–it will change your life! Veronica

Midway through my initial phone conversation with Jo it became apparent why Jo is so highly recommended.  Jo’s wealth of experience was demonstrated immediately by her ability to put me at ease whilst simultaneously identifying reoccurring personal values, facilitating a personal realisation about my own internal compass.   Jo’s coaching style is energising as you work through a personalised process that leads to effective measurable outcomes.  Jo has helped me embrace ambiguity, uncertainty and change providing balance and fulfilment in all aspects of my life. Thank you Jo, you have reignited my passion for my chosen career profession providing me with renewed clarity and focus. NC, Waikato

Hi Joanne, Just a quick note to let you know that the time I have spent with you over the past eight months has been truly inspiring. As I said to you at our first meeting, not only was I completely confused as to why I seemed to be so uninspired with my career and basically ready to “Chuck it in”, I was also struggling to identify what it was that would in fact “Light my fire” and get me back on track.Through your ability to identify specific requirements, adapt your guidance, and keep me on a course of self discovery, you have helped me back to a point where I am creating my own life happiness again.”Life Coaching ” is a perfect term for what you offer people that come to you in their time of need. The way you guide a person to “heal & help” themselves is absolutely invaluable, and certainly infinitely more useful  than just offering solutions to problems. I see what you offer as a long term, deep core self development, rather than a “Put a band aid on it” type of guidance.I came to you to find out which career would suit my personality best. I came away with complete “New Wiring”, an understanding that ” I am in control of my life!!!!!!!

Would you do me a personal favour and post these words on your website, my hope is that my experience will inspire someone else to help themselves immensely, take the steps needed to get in touch with you, and start their journey to success as I did. So……Thank you so much for your patience and caring, I will be forever indebted to you and your methods. Yours Sincerely, Mat

After many years living and working overseas I was back home and struggling to find what it was I really wanted to do, and where I wanted to be. Jo is so supportive, encouraging and methodical in the way she takes you through the steps to help you discover the path you should be on, and after 4 sessions I had a good idea of where I wanted to head and what sort of role I was looking for. I would never have believed it when I started the process but I have come to realise that the industry I’m already in is actually the perfect industry for me, and I have discovered that there are some really interesting roles within it that I really hadn’t considered before. Within a month or so of our first session I applied for a great role that I probably wouldn’t have even applied for had I not been going through the process with Jo, got an interview (which Jo helped me prepare for) and was offered the job. I feel like this is the opportunity I have been waiting for (but didn’t know it!) and I know for sure it wouldn’t have happened without Jo’s coaching.  I am now off to a new city, a new job (one I am really excited about), and with a clear idea of what I want to achieve and where I want to be in 5 years. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough for anyone who is feeling like they have lost their way career-wise or is feeling dissatisfied with their work or life generally. I’ll never forget the support and guidance she has given me. KH.

My confidence was at an all-time low after taking time out from my career to raise three children.  Joanne helped me see that it was not only possible, but even exciting to walk down a new path.  Having someone to report to gave me the motivation to pull together my confidence and talk to all the right people.  I’ve moved from feeling I had no possibilities, to wondering which great opportunity I should choose!  Thank you so much, Joanne! KD, Waikato

Joanne was great, in just one session I was able to define that I wanted to travel. But I also determined the path I wanted to pursue upon return and how I will go about it. I also considered options to gain experience in my field while I’m away. Thanks again Joanne much appreciated. Luke M

Dear Joanne, I felt very happy today with the changes that are happening in my life, and felt that it would be tight fisted of me not to share that happiness with the person who was a key agent in making that happiness a reality: You. I wanted to write a few words to you to say thank you for the changes that you have helped to facilitate in my life. I feel that I have found a friend in you who inspired me to take the plunge and explore new things that have benefited me enormously. I feel that thanks to you, my life is turning around and that I am starting again with a new spirit of adventure. B.S. Hamilton.

After 10 weeks in my new job I can really see the truly immense value of what you did for me. The work that I am doing matches my passions exactly and I feel challenged in precisely the ways that were missing in my old job. I am surrounded by like minded people that I look forward to working with each day – a true sign that I am in the right place, thanks to your directions. The process that you took me through, exploring my key values, wishes and needs, was absolutely key in ensuring that I went towards the right job in my industry shift. You were fantastic! I learned so much about myself in a relaxed but informative way and I really looked forward to our chats each week. Thank you so much for helping me make this shift which has made me a much happier person in my work. I now feel I am getting the most out of myself and can see so many opportunities for the future! I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. There is no way that I would be in this position without you – our conversations and the process you put in place for me was absolutely fantastic in allowing me to see what I needed to be happy, what I might be able to do, and how to go about it all. Your CV tips were also brilliant and enabled me to get the interview I am sure. Jennie.

What a fantastic opportunity to work with Jo. Redundancy was the reason which enabled our paths to cross. Initially unsure of what I’d get out of the coaching & a little nervous about things, I was immediately put at ease. Jo’s open honest communication really helped settle me & clear concise reasoning about each exercise, what it was for & what it would give me, helped give clarity about what we’d achieve overall. I learnt an immense amount about me and who I am, what makes me tick & where I should channel my energies. I now have very clear routes to follow, along with actions to guide me on my way. A very positive experience I’d recommend to anyone. Thanks Jo. SM, Hamilton

When I first came to see Jo my life was in a bit of a mess.  I’d broken up with my wife and felt like I had lost control of my life and business.  Jo has over the past 12 weeks not only helped get my life back on track and taught me simple techniques to keep it that way.  She is warm, friendly and non-judgmental. I will forever be indebted to her for all she has done. Scott Couch, GM Kelly Sports, Chiefs Region

Thank you for helping me see the bigger picture and guiding me through the process of dreaming and seeing that what I had in front of me was worth exploring more.  It has been a good experience for me.  Some hurdles along the way but overall very positive. Claire

The ‘fast coaching’ session was really amazing.It was to the point, focused and results oriented.  Jo honed in on what would make the most difference and focused me.  I had a HUGE personal realisation midway through the session and ended up with actions to go away and do.  Subsequent to the training I have applied the action and it is making a big difference.  I am so grateful for both the personal insight and the action that is working for good for me. Jo has a lovely coaching manner, she is energetic, yet calm and focused, with great questioning skills and moves one through the process so efficiently, resulting in an effective outcome for the client.  It is not only impressive, it is really powerful.  I gained so much.  Thanks Jo. Nikki Hommes, Owner Potential Unleashed Ltd

The speed coaching session with Jo was a great way to get me thinking about a situation I was about to encounter.  The coaching helped me think of a variety of possible scenarios and how I would manage myself through them to gain the best outcome for all parties involved.  Carmen Jacobsen, L&D Manager

Jo has an incredible ability to make you feel relaxed and at ease with her warm personality and gentle guided coaching style. Jo asks questions to get you thinking what is important and how can you make it happen, she keeps you focused throughout the session so at the end you come out lighter and more positive towards your goals. I would highly recommend Jo she is wonderful to work with and can help you gain clarity and direction. Sarah Nash, Service Lead.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I didn’t really know what to expect and was surprised at what came out through the coaching process both on a personal and professional level. Initially I expected Jo to just say what we were doing and then for her to do lots of talking, actually it was the exact opposite. Joanne Taranaki

My career had developed in vast steps over the last couple of years and I had been given the opportunity to lead a team which was short staffed and tackling an increased workload.   It was approximately six months after this when I met Jo for the first time.  By then I had no work life balance and I was extremely stressed and inundated with work.  Through the course of my coaching Jo helped me to just sit back and breathe; and then to reflect on different aspect of my work and home life.  She helped me to set clear goals and worked with me to achieve them.  Jo is very easy to talk to and has a real understanding and compassionate personality which made it extremely easy for me to express exactly how I was feeling.  Jo did not tell me how to achieve my goals however challenged and guided me to think and create my very own new approach and actions which I will now have with me forever.  Without Jo I probably would have given up on my job with exhaustion; however now I have found a new confidence and approach to my life and the feedback I am getting from my work team and husband speaks for itself.  Thank you so much Jo.PH, Client Manager

With Joanne’s guidance I moved from a feeling of desperation to one of determination…sick of going around in circles with my career choices I approached Joanne with some trepidation… I was soon to learn that it was the best choice I had made in a long time! The sessions were fun, rewarding and thought provoking; with Joanne’s guidance I gained clarity in my thinking and learned a lot about myself and how I approach challenges in life. Joanne had a simple non judgmental way of explaining things. She knew I was a ‘visual’ person so would help me to solve problems by using techniques that were based around this type of thinking, which made problem solving so much easier for me.  I never thought I would finish these sessions with a great new job, lots of personal goals, new focus, and the ongoing skills to help myself if the need arises in the future. I happily recommend Joanne to anyone who is feeling ‘stuck’ either professionally or personally. B Jackson, Digital Printer

At a time when I needed to refocus the direction of my career, I was lucky enough to be guided to you. What a fantastic opportunity this turned out to be. I really appreciated your open mindedness, honesty and ability to read between the lines! With your guidance we managed to successfully navigate through a whole raft of challenges, while identifying the opportunities. Being adept at gaining a good insight into people allowed us to analyse these challenges and opportunities in a way which was particularly pertinent to me. You were a great sounding board which allowed open and honest communication and the exploration of completely new and outside the square ideas in a safe and non threatening environment. The final stages where we put together a new CV are a critical point and the results were outstanding value for me! Once again, thanks a whole bunch. John Stubbs

With a redundancy, a new baby and business as well as a move from the big city back to my hometown, Jo’s gentle guidance and reflective questioning helped me to rethink my values and goals (both personal and professional) at a time of major change in my life.  Jo’s holistic approach got me thinking about my career to date and clarified my plans for the future, taking into account my new, more family-oriented priorities.  From more philosophical musings about life and the universe to practical advice on CVs and job-hunting, I found Jo’s coaching was great for me at a crucial time of change. Thanks Jo! Annie Simon, Media Executive and Company Director

Coaching – An experience which helped me set myself on the right path, provided clarity on what pushes my buttons and my preferences which helped me take the right action for myself. Jo helped me become unstuck and facilitated my thinking so that I could make good decisions for myself. She has an amazing ability to ‘get you’. Jennifer Stock – Organisational Change Leader

A fantastic service that has helped me understand “who am I” and what future directions I should explore to really make the most of my abilities and enjoy life.  It provided clarity, direction and a plan for further action. Joanne offers an immensely valuable service to anyone who is asking themselves the question ‘where to next?’ She is extremely perceptive and was able to ask the right questions to draw out my true identity. She is excellent to deal with – professional, friendly and approachable. I was able to relax and enjoy the experience of discovery. Flexible appointment times allowed me to fit the appointments in with my life and schedules. Cameron – Project Manager

My clients say they get:

  • Inspired about career and life choices
  • Transformation
  • Back on track
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • New opportunities
  • New motivation
  • Self discovery
  • New brain wiring – new thinking habits
  • Positive change in relationships, work, and results
  • Confidence and self belief
  • Balance
  • Fulfilment
  • Restoration, refueling the tank, energy
  • Peace, relief

Careers with Jo for career coaching, career development, career planning, outplacement, job search and job interview and cv strategies, career recovery, life coaching, mentoring, career conversation workshops, career development workshops, master career coach workshops, executive coaching and more. Jo has been working in the careers and coaching fields since 2002 and is an internationally recognised Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with ICF, and a Professional Member of the Career Development Association NZ. 

Joanne Ostler, based in Cambridge (15 mins from Hamilton), Waikato, New Zealand.